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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Brand identity is very important to ta-tas®. ta-tas® is a registered trademark of ta-tas® Brand Clothing. All of our marks, logos and phrases are copyrighted and protected by law. For our protection and the protection of our authorized sellers, we actively protect our trademarks and copyrights and prosecute infringement to the full extent of the law.

To protect your investment in our product and maintain brand value, we require all of our retailers to agree to the following terms:

You agree to maintain the brand identity of ta-tas®. This includes product value, as well as the integrity and respect to women that ta-tas® brand works diligently to preserve.

You agree to respect other members of the ta-tas® retail family and not cheapen the ta-tas® brand by selling it in a discount outlet such as Ebay or a flea market without the prior written permission of ta-tas®.

You agree not to sell ta-tas® products online unless the online outlet is directly connected to your brick and mortar store. You agree to create a look that is unique to your own online store.

You agree that if you choose to sell product in an online outlet directly connected to your brick and mortar store, you will inform your online customers in a highly visible fashion on that site that you are an authorized seller of ta-tas® Brand Clothing, and you will not in any way mislead customers into believing you are the original www.savethetatas.com website or the original ta-tas® Brand Clothing or associated entities thereof.

You understand that ta-tas® may have a 1 week lead-time on orders. You understand that any pre-selling you do is done at your own risk and ta-tas® is not responsible for providing product earlier due to any presale agreements you have made.

You understand that ta-tas® reserves the right to discontinue and/or refuse service and product to any person or business at any time for any reason.

You understand that www.savethetataswholesale.com is a proprietary website. You agree not to use any graphics, photos or copyrighted materials from www.savethetatas.com without prior written permission from ta-tas®.

You understand that our minimum first order is $200 for the total order, and a minimum of $200 is required to re-order.

You understand that we accept payment only by Credit Card for the first order.  If you would like to apply for terms, please submit a completed credit application for evaluation.  Please note that although we process these requests promptly, approval time cannot be guaranteed and will depend on the accuracy of information provided and timeliness of responses from your credit references.

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